One of the things that most people are having now is a leaky gut syndrome, where they’re having inflammation in their gut and they don’t even know about it.

Basically allows things to get through instead of being a tight junction.

Things that are not totally digested are getting through and turning on your immune system.

Your immune system is becoming the rogue, going overactive and attacking itself

There are things like infections, viruses, toxins, undigested food, or things that you should be eating on a regular basis that causes inflammation and leaky gut.

Unfortunately, we become people that we eat the same foods day in, day out.

Sometimes those foods over time can cause what we call food sensitivities, which is different than food allergies, most people know what they’re allergic to cause right away after they eat it.

But with food sensitivities, can cause muscle aches, joint pain, irritable bowel IBS can happen two or three days out. A lot of this IBS or irritable bowel syndrome could be coming from food sensitivities, which is a different type of food, a reaction