Things that we can do at home to de-stress

  1. Fossil lipids
  2. The inner balance app for breathing and deep meditation
  3. and of course, working on de-committing 

Basically, don’t commit to anything; commit to yourself. 

  • Learn to say no.
  • Don’t say yes to everything.

If you don’t know what fossil lipids are. 

They are the one thing that is very deficient right now on our diet.

These are lipid molecules that are part of your cell membranes. 

They’re the ones that protect the cell. 

They’re the lining of the cell. 

They’re the ones that let things in and let things out into the cell. 

Nutrient wise. Also makes the cells be more fluid. 

They can move around a little better if there are no fossil lipids. 

We have a special blend of fossil lipids in the office to help the parasympathetic system go up, and it protects yourselves. It’s anti-inflammatory. 

We’re not even talking about fish oil, omega threes, cause that’s more cardiovascular. 

There’s one in particular called VHA versus EPA on the Omega threes. 

Now we’re talking about something totally different called fossil lipids that have been shown to calm people down. It’s better than Xanax.