Generally, what I do on my new patients.

I do a panel where I check everything.

My panels are the most extensive blood panels in Brooksville, Spring Hill, and Land o Lakes, Florida.

I get many people from quest and lab core (the people who draw the labs) they want to come and see me because they’re like, this is the only doctor who does this kind of blood test.

And that’s the only way you can tell and is the only way to customize a program for somebody.

Then put them on a customized program based on their hormones, nutrition, diet, and supplements.

Often, people are taking the wrong supplements or taking too much of a particular supplement. Too much of anything good is bad. We test for nutrients and amino acid deficiencies as well.

You got to remember people on a bunch of medicine these days, and sometimes these medications are causing deficiencies. So you have to supplement these days.

And the foods that we eat nowadays are very depleted in nutrients, plus most of our foods have pesticides, insecticides.

Once we get people on a certain regimen, we test them every three to four months, depending on whether they’re still having symptoms, depending on their levels.