1. Your body develops capillaries, little blood vessels around the pellets, getting the hormones as you need them. 
  2. In these pellets were able to put estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and a natural estrogen blocker, which so prevents from converting to estrogen. 
  3. It takes away the need from taking pills, gels, and injections, and it’s very convenient because people can travel and don’t have to travel with creams. 
  4. They don’t have to travel with needles, syringes, or vials of testosterone. Hormone pellets are very convenient for the active type of person, for people who travel or don’t like needles.

We can do it for both men and women.

Creams are NOT good because sometimes pharmacies cheap out on the cream base, and the cream doesn’t get absorbed sometimes, making it inconsistent.

How long hormone pellets last?

Usually, the pellets last in women for about four or five months. It lasts a little longer in men because we can put more pellets in there. After all, they require more testosterone, and they last a little longer. 

Women don’t need a lot of testosterone, just a little bit of estrogen. 

Men usually require about four or five pellets anywhere between four to six months, and for women, it’s two or three pellets every three to five months. So about three times a year. 

The cost of Hormone Pellets

In women, usually, the cost is about $350. In men, it is about $550. 

What’s good is that you don’t get the ups and downs with the hormone pellets. It takes about a week for the body develops the capillary flow and come up to a good steady state. 

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